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Presents - A Modern Master
Roy Gover
1927 - 2003
.Roy Gover was born in London, England and moved to the Bay Area in 1958. His work has been exhibited at the
California Palace of the Legion of Honor  in 1966, along side of Rembrandt and at San Francisco MOMA, where
he was given a five-year retrospective in 1971. His art work has been collected throughout the United States and
Europe. RHAG is the name the artist went by when producing his own "at home music tapes," that have become
underground treasures to some. It's also been said that it was the music that was listened to on tour buses, late at
night, by many bands in the ninties , as they traveled from gig to gig. He is a  folk hero to many who have listened
to him expound about Life - as only Roy could do.   

To quote Joseph Baird, of the North Point Gallery San Francisco, at an exhibit of
Gover’s work there in 1981,

“The art of Roy Gover defies simple classification. It blends elements of Surrealism, of fantasy, and autobiography
with roots that lie in the spare draftsmanship and luminescent washes of several European masters. It is an
intensely personal art, closely mirroring the emotional highs and lows of everyday life, yet always disciplined by a
strict technical finesse that gives his paintings and drawings their taut order.”

Roy Gover passed away in October, 2003. He has left with us an amazing body of work.

The Barefoot Art Gallery has been working with the Gover Estate, bringing his work to the public. It is our
intention to have Roy's fantastic, creative expression, in all its many wonderful forms (and there are many, trust
us), documented so it may be appreciated at the level it so deserves.  He was truly a modern master. In viewing his
art work, we are sure you will agree. We are looking forward to sharing Roy’s colorful life with you in the near

We will be continuing to add his work to this page as we archive it. Be sure to check back in - it will be fun - we

You may view his work by appointment by calling the gallery.  415-384-0104


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Roy Gover  -
Age 11 - Dec 3, 1938
Limited Editions Available
               Central Time     
   1969    SFMOMA in 1971
Expansion of Form #2
Bodega Bay
Madness of the Future          
1968  SFMOMA in 1971
Oil on Paper
Oil on Paper
Oil on Paper
      5 6 7
Blanket on Mt. Diablo
Ghost in the Garden
Baker Street Steps
Fields of Joy
Six Eighty One