Bill Graham Presents
Fillmore Poster Art Collection
The Poster Series 1966-1971

The collection includes all 289 posters.
*All framed. First and second editions.*

Also available - The Family Dog Collection - Unframed.
Price upon request. Serious inquries pls. contact: Regina 415-384-0104

Poster Artists - Peter Bailey, Wes Wilson Bonnie MacLean, John Myers, Clifford Charley
Seeley, Greg Irons, James Gardner, Jim Blashfield, Nicholas Kouninos, Stanley Mouse,
Alton Kelly, Lee Conklin, Jack Hatfield, Rick Griffin, Dana Johnson, Thomas Weir,
Patrick Lofthouse, Mari Tepper, Weisser, Bob Fried, Victor Moscoso, Pat Hank, Randy
Tuten, David Singer, Norman Orr, Pierre, Willyum Rowe and David Byrd.
The Barefoot Art Gallery is currently representing a private party
in the sale of the "complete collection" of the famed posters from -
Barefoot Art Gallery
Private Representation